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The WakeHub™
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The WakeHub™
The WakeHub™

The WakeHub™


What's the point of sleep if you wake up tired?

We've all been there...its been a long day and you're dying for a good nights rest. "That's it!" you say to yourself! You eat an early dinner, avoid blue light before bed and settle in for a rejuvenating 8 hours of beauty sleep...

Only to wake up feeling JUST AS TIRED the next morning

The WakeHub™ changes all that. Not only is it packed with a wireless charging dock, speakers and 256 light modes...

It simulates the sunrise to naturally align with your sleep/wake cycle! Meaning your brain is already awake before you open your eyes!

Experience the easiest wakeups on record with WakeHub™

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Gradual Sunrise Simulation

Experience a gentle and natural wake-up

Immersive Soundscapes

Elevate your wake-up routine with immersive soundscapes

Wireless Phone Charging

Say goodbye to cluttered bedside tables and tangled cords

Smart Connectivity and App Integration

Take control of your mornings with smart connectivity copy.webp__PID:4962acf8-21f9-404e-a1ba-c6f64cee7c0a

Why WakeHub™?

Rev up your mornings with our sunrise alarm clock – the ultimate game-changer for your wake-up game!

Tired of hunting for charging cables? Us too. That's why we threw in wireless phone charging – say goodbye to the bedside cable jungle!

And because mornings should be a full-body experience, we've cranked up the sound game. From zen vibes to your latest playlist, it's your wake-up, your way. Plus, we've gone all tech-savvy with an app that turns your mornings into a well-orchestrated symphony. 

Sleep Smarter

  • Scientifically backed sleep optimisation
  • Packed with the latest tech
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • The ultimate wake experience copy.jpg__PID:adbfd74c-84dd-4f87-905f-b38960d82a37

Ditch the bags

Unlock the secret to brighter mornings and banish under-eye bags with our sunrise clock! Imagine waking up to a gradual sunrise that energizes your day. Start the day right with WakeHub™

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