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  • Incredible new sandscapes with every turn!
  • Soothe and de-stress
  • The only icebreaker you'll ever need! Let the convos flow like the sand
  • Pick the colour that best matches your home!


Our promise: We know you’ll love owning a MovaLisa™. But if you feel the product isn’t right for you we’ll give you an immediate 100% refund no questions asked!

The MovaLisa™

The MovaLisa™

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The MovaLisa™ artworks are completely unique and ever-changing art pieces that form different patterns and expressions every time. These artworks make incredible home-decor items that can be both a conversation starter and a soothing masterpiece to mesmerise and calm their audience

The MovaLisa™ artworks are completely unique and ever-changing art pieces that form different patterns and expressions every time

These artworks make incredible home-decor items that can be both a conversation starter and a soothing masterpiece to mesmerise and calm their audience

We offer multiple sand colours to match your home interior and aesthetics

Definitely the best present I've bought!

So happy with my purchase. Bought as a gift and sits on boyfriends desk. He works from home and have seen him flip it over at least once a day while at his computer. Arrived in perfect condition and didn't need to do anything else for the results to look just like the pictures

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Meet Our Happy Customers

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Got it as a gift for my boyfriend, he loved it!!! I’d catch him looking over at it watching it. It makes the prettiest sand mountains and it never makes the same design twice. This makes a wonderful gift!!
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My parents love it
This was a gift for my parents for Christmas. They absolutely enjoy, relaxing and watching it. It’s a very pretty addition to their lovely home.
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Best gift I've bought
Whenever I get a gift for someone I try to choose something I would like to receive. This item was purchased as a gift for my 10 year old granddaughter, but when she opened it, everyone sat mesmerized by the drifting purple sand.
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So Glad I Bought This!!
I actually love it, if you work in an office or something like that is a really good thing to distract and calm when you need a little break! (Just don't let the boss catch you) 😂
customer image
So many compliments!
Every guest that's come over has asked me where I bought this from, they're in awe of it and it's always their first time seeing this kind of art. Very happy with my purchase:)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Gravity pulls our proprietary blend of fine-grained sand through the air bubbles to create a unique 3-D landscape each time. You can regulate the speed of the falling sand grains by adding/extracting air from the injection hole at the edge of the frame.

All our art pieces are fully functional and checked before leaving the warehouse.

Do you get the same creation of sand each time you turn it over?

No, each time will be fascinatingly different as the air and bubbles always react slightly differently. You can also further customise the look of your piece by slowing or hastening the trickle rate of the sand!

My art piece isn't creating the same sandscapes as I see in videos, what should I do?

Sometimes they take some fiddling to get the sand flow just how you like it. Make sure the bubbles are as evenly distributed as possible across the sand when you flip it over. Then to change the speed of the sand, use a plastic children's syringe to add or extract air. The more air, the slower the sand will fall!

Will it leak?

No, the frame is sealed along the perimeter so that no water can escape. If the seal becomes damaged over time a small bit of clear silicone sealant will do the trick!

Do I have to add water?

You may have to add water depending on where it is stored in your home. The more direct sunlight it is exposed to, the faster water will evaporate. It would be a very small quantity, once per year at the most.

Can I return my MovaLisa?

We're that confident you'll love your new art piece, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee! No matter the reason, we'll give you a full refund without question

  • We love our products and are confident you will too!

    Test our items risk-free for up to 90 days and return them for a full refund if you are not totally satisfied.