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  • Easy install and universal fit
  • Superior car comfort for mom
  • Protects mother and child during braking or collision
  • Does not modify or alter the main seatbelt mechanism


Our promise: We know youā€™ll love the peace of mind owning a SeatbeltSaviourā„¢. But if you feel the product isnā€™t right for you weā€™ll give you an immediate 100% refund no questions asked!

The Original SoundSafariā„¢

The Original SoundSafariā„¢

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Did you know that overĀ 200,000 pregnant womenĀ are involved in a police-reported car accident every year in the United States alone?Ā Even sudden car brakingĀ can have adverse affects on the health and wellbeing of your unborn child.

The device diverts the seatbelt around both legs and avoids stomach constriction when brakes are applied so you canĀ worry about one less thingĀ as a pregnant mom.

Equipped with 224 unique word and sound cards, our rechargeable device is guaranteed to unlock speech or your money back!

šŸ’¬ Instantly improve speech

šŸ“± Cut down on screen time

šŸ§  Develop motor skills and memory

šŸŽ’ Lightweight, durable and portable

šŸ„¼ Scientifically proven results

Saved my twin pregnancy from MVA

This seatbelt prevented impact on my abdomen (Iā€™m expecting twins) when i got T-boned right into my passenger side . My fiancĆ© had bruises across his lower abdomen which i would have had, as well as complications with pregnancy had i not had this attachment for my seatbelt. It's comfy, so safe and secure.

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Installation Instructions

No Special Tools Required!

The SeatbeltSaviourā„¢ can be installed on virtually any car seat! Follow the instructional diagram for a quick 4 step guide.

If for any reason you are unable to install the product or aren't happy with the fitment we promise to provide a full refund, no questions asked

Meet Our Happy Customers

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So far so good! Super easy 1min install
I didnā€™t need the directions to install. Very self explanatory, super easy. I bought this for my daughter whoā€™s almost 7 months pregnant. I feel so much more secure that she has it, especially after reading the review of the woman who was t boned. So far so good, definitely recommend.
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Love it
This product is very beneficial for riding in the vehicle. It prevents the seatbelt from getting too tight on my growing baby bump. And when and if we have to push on the brakes a little harder than normal it prevents the seatbelt from hurting my belly.
customer image
My wife loves it
Weā€™re expecting soon and my wife started researching options to make it more comfortable for her to ride in the car. She loves this.
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So Glad I Bought This!!
Im soooo happy I bought this. Now i can drive without worrying about my baby belly!! Super easy to install and the materials feel really sturdy. I have a 2021 full sized Ford Bronco Black Diamond and had no issue putting it together. Im honestly surprised that this isnā€™t a standard in all cars now! Thanks!!
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Safe and needed!
After a hematoma in a car accident during my pregnancy, I immediately purchased two of these. One for my drivers seat and one in my husbands passenger seat for me. Safe & I believe effective. Made me feel a hell of a lot better being on the road with the other crazy drivers out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product legal and safe?

The SeatbeltSaviourā„¢ is perfectly legal to use! Many obstetricians recommend utilising seatbelt adjusters to reduce driving related risk throughout pregnancy

Can the seat belt slip out while driving or when braking?

To ensure the seatbelt is secure, ensure there is adequate tension on the seatbelt and it isnā€™t sitting loose. This can be done by gently pulling the section of the belt that runs from hip to shoulder towards the window after its been run through the SeatbeltSaviourā„¢ and youā€™re all clipped in!

Can the SeatbeltSaviourā„¢ benefit me post-pregnancy?

Absolutely! Many of our customers have continued to use our product post-pregnancy, especially in the case of C-Section recovery

What if it doesnā€™t fit my car or work for me?

Our product fits 99% of cars on the road and weā€™re confident youā€™ll love the peace of mind of owning one. But if you arenā€™t satisfied with the product for any reason we offer a 9 day money back guarantee! Please refer to our refund policy for additional details.

Why should I buy two?

We offer generous bundle discounts, and many of our customers have installed our product in multiple seats/across multiple cars. Our product does not impede on other passengers using the seat and its best to leave it installed once its in.

Has anyone actually crashed while wearing the seat belt adjuster?

While we pray nobody ever finds themselves in this situation, those that have are extremely grateful to have been using one, and attribute the performance of the product to escaping the incident unscathed. One of our featured reviews above showcase how lucky the mother and passengers were during this incident.

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