FurAway De-Shedder
FurAway De-Shedder
FurAway De-Shedder
FurAway De-Shedder
FurAway De-Shedder
FurAway De-Shedder
FurAway De-Shedder
FurAway De-Shedder
FurAway De-Shedder
FurAway De-Shedder
FurAway De-Shedder
FurAway De-Shedder

FurAway De-Shedder


Discover Effortless Grooming

🐶 Up to 64% less shedding

🪮 No tangles, pet or brush

🧹 Self cleaning system

☺️ Painless for your pet

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90 Day Returns

Free Shipping

Supporting Animal Shelters

Biggest Ever Spring Sale!

Due to the demand for the FurAway, we're giving you the chance to stock up on as many brushes as you need with the biggest discount we've ever offered!




We have a 10 month old Pomsky and I have to vacuum and brush her everyday. First time I used it and I love it. So much easier than using a brush, and minimal hair flying around


This is Molly who is the most gentle soul, but scared of her own shadow. She has cowered and run away from every brush I’ve ever tried. But not this one. She wasn’t sure at first but didn’t run away, eventually she laid there, and look at the amount of fur I got out of her! Amazing. I have recommended to everyone!


Absolutely love my new Silky Brush. Just got the pink & yellow one (2 for 1) and used it on my Border Collie. Was so amazed of the amount of hair that came off so easily. And my dog loved the massage side of the brush. Best dog brush, highly recommend it.


Absolutely loving my brush and definitely worth what you pay! Bit bummed I didn’t get the buy one get one free deal though.

Discover the Difference with FurAway™

FurAway is not just another pet grooming brush - it's a true game-changer. Unlike traditional brushes, it targets only loose fur! This means a pain-free brush for your pet, and less tangles and time for you. Discover more below!

There's No Comparison

If you've had enough of tangled fur, hairy floors and furniture, look no further than FurAway™!

Removing up to 8x more hair, our anti-scratch technology will have them running back for more, all while giving you're vacuum cleaner a breather


Why You Will Love the FurAway™

Shown to reduce shedding by up to 64%, the FurAway targets only loose fur of both the top coat and undercoat efficiently and painlessly

The FurAway’s innovative ejection and retraction system allows you to detach loose fur from the brush with the swipe of a thumb! Say goodbye to tangles!

Combing knots and curls out of our own hair is painful enough, imagine for our pets! By targeting only loose fur, we can guarantee a painless grooming experience for your furry friend

Not only is it painless, they’ll be running back for more! Using the FurAway imitates the petting motion of your hand, providing a soothing and comforting experience regardless of temperament

Less furry pet = less furry house! and car….and clothes…and couch

90 Day Trial

We're so confident you'll love the FurAway™, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee!

Free Shipping

No hidden shipping fees! We offer free worldwide shipping in 7-9 business days. 

Supporting Our Animals

Percentage of profits is whole-heartedly donated to animal shelters and charities!

Frequently Asked Questions



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